About CCRC



As a legislatively established arm of State government, CCRC is a partnership of the state, city, county and private sectors to plan for and ensure that the Capital District is a great place to live, visit, work and conduct business. CCRC acts as a catalyst to coordinate, initiate, expedite, finance and package redevelopment in the district resulting in increased integration of planning efforts and increased private investment.

The Capital City Redevelopment Corporation is a state agency, in but not of, the Department of Treasury. Created by statute in 1988, CCRC is charged with facilitating redevelopment in the Capital District of the City of Trenton.

Since its inception, CCRC has invested more than $4 million in projects and businesses within the Capital District and that investment has leveraged more than $75 million in public and private investment in the City. CCRC has invested in projects like the Trenton Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, the Wells Fargo Regional Headquarters on Front & Warren Streets and the deconstruction of the Trenton Commons. In addition, the organization has provided funding for the rehabilitation of homes along West Hanover and small business loans for merchants in the Capital District.

Today, CCRC continues its revitalization efforts in the Capital District of the City of Trenton, guided by two core principles:
  • Economic Development - CCRC will act as a catalyst to coordinate, initiate, expedite, finance and implement targeted economic development projects in the Capital District.

  • Planning & Land Use - CCRC will create more efficiency and ensure integration of efforts in the planning of redevelopment in the Capital District.